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Recognize Heartburn and How to Relieve it

The term deep heat must be familiar to your ears. Deep heat is often associated with discomfort in the throat and pain when swallowing. Then, does deep heat need to be treated medically? Come on, know what it is deep heat and how to relieve it! There are many symptoms that are often associated with the term heartburn. Some of them are discomfort in the throat, pain when swallowing, chapped lips, and bad breath. The term heat in is unknown in the medical world. The condition that is described by the community as deep heat is actually not a disease, but rather a collection of symptoms from a disease in the throat, or early symptoms of viral or bacterial infections. According to traditional medicine, heartburn can occur when a person consumes too much food that is processed with high temperatures, such as grilled meat and fried foods, or certain foods, such as durian, chocolate, or thick seasoned foods. But this cannot be explained scientifically. Medicinal Heat According to one st
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Staying Healthy during the Rainy Season, Here's How

When the rainy season arrives, many people are infected with diseases, ranging from colds, diarrhea, to dengue fever. Therefore, we need to be more careful in maintaining health during the rainy season, so it does not get sick easily. Come on, see the easy way to stay healthy during the rainy season! When the transition season before the rainy season, the immune system can become weaker, so the body is vulnerable to disease. Some diseases also become more frequent due to conditions in the rainy season supporting the growth of viruses and bacteria. Rainy Season, Disease Season? High humidity in the rainy season makes the spread of germs through the air, such as influenza viruses, easier. Intermediary animal diseases, such as mosquitoes, also become easier to breed. A study showed that the levels of white blood cells that function as body defenses were found to be lower during the rainy season. In addition, vitamin D levels that function to increase immunity also decreased, due to

Don't Underestimate Psychological Disorders After Childbirth

Psychological disorders can occur to anyone, including mothers who have just given birth. This should not be considered trivial. In some cases, psychological disorders after childbirth can trigger actions that can harm the child or himself. Psychological disorders after childbirth can occur in a matter of days, weeks, or even longer. This condition requires proper treatment and help from a psychiatrist, especially if the psychological disorder experienced lasts more than two weeks. Types of Psychological Disorders After Childbirth Until now, it is not known for certain the main cause of psychological disorders after childbirth. However, it is known that there are several factors that can trigger the emergence of this disorder, including hormonal, environmental, emotional, to genetic factors. The types of psychological disorders after childbirth also vary, here are some of them: Baby blues syndrome About 40-80% of women experience baby blues syndrome after giving birth. Bab